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Radaman Plast Apadana Co. produces polyethylene tanks
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Radaman Plast Apadana Co.
Radman plast Apadana production company began it’s activity in the year 1390. It’s production activity is in step of new technology and with capability to product polyethylene tanks. These tanks are horizontal and vertical is in dimension of 200-20000 lit and it contains tanks under the stairs, Expansion tanks, Funnel tanks, Cube tanks with one layer, tow layer and three layer anti-algae section, and four layer to save water and maintenance and fuel transportation, Acidic, chemical, fire tanks, and many kind of tank in dimension of 35-4000 lit five years ago.The company started it’s research about identify customer needs, customer markets, target market and laboratory equipment.The laboratory equipment is about test the company products after obtaining the standard license number 634783894 in the year 1393.
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